Welcome to our home! Regardless of our spiritual beliefs or background, we all belong to the sacred power of one. Our philosophy is that everyone is apart of the sacred soul of the Divine. I am T Arlivia, a 12th 

generation shamanic spiritual healer and angelic communicator. Friends and loved ones know me as T. As a Certified Angel Card Reader and intuitive medium, my soul’s mission is to share the shamanic angelic guidance that my angels, guides, and teachers have shared with me. After almost 3 years of hiding and running from who I AM, I am taking the plunge and truly embracing the meaning behind my experiences with Spirit. I created this site to help others who are highly sensitive to Spirit and would like to hear the perspective of another sensitive who “walks between the worlds”. I am a spiritually gifted person. There is a chance that you or someone you know may also be a spiritually gifted person. I don’t feel you were led here without a reason. I’ve been inspired to tell my story to others out there who are like me. My story is your story. You are not alone and more of us are waking up each and every day. You too can live a happy, peaceful life. There is peace after the fire. All storms come to an end, so be encouraged. The rainbow for you is near!

Love offerings are both welcome and appreciated to further our work in the community. Please see our outreach page for more info.